Preventing Algae Impact and Safeguarding the Environment and Infrastructure

Effectively preventing algae blooms is crucial for preserving the environment. It's equally essential for the efficient operation and maintenance of treatment plants and equipment.

Wastewater treatment facilities, tasked with returning water to its natural state, often struggle with harmful algae outbreaks in reservoirs and holding ponds. Under specific conditions, like warmer climates and nutrient-rich waters, these blue-green algae can thrive. They disrupt the treatment process, increasing oxygen demand, suspended solids, and the accumulation of sludge. The toxins they release pose risks to humans and wildlife, as well as cause unpleasant odours.

Traditional solutions such as filtration, algaecides, and aeration devices fall short in achieving the desired results. But at Arc Integrated Systems, we provide a number of solutions that can prevent algae blooms effectively at water treatment and wastewater facilities in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and across the UK.
Managing Ageing Infrastructure
Besides tackling algae-related issues, wastewater treatment plant operators must address the physical effects of clogged or deteriorating infrastructure, including filters. Facilities subject to the National Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits face substantial fines for discharging polluted water. Chemical-free algae control is key to avoiding these fines.
Moving Away from Harmful Chemicals
As we move away from harmful chemicals, we look towards sustainable solutions that safeguard both the environment and the well-being of overworked teams. Harmful chemicals may offer a fast but short-lived solution for algae control, but their environmental impact and the need for frequent applications are concerning.
Limitations of Aeration Systems
Aeration systems, while beneficial for improving water health, do not directly address the issue of algae prevention. Moreover, they can be costly. For comprehensive algae control, an alternative approach is needed. Arc Integrated Systems can deliver the ideal solution.
Ultrasonic algae control Norfolk, Suffolk & across the UK

Ultrasonic Algae Control: A Wide-Spanning Solution

In the mission of wastewater treatment, with its complex responsibilities, the need for an efficient solution is undeniable. Whether publicly or privately owned, wastewater treatment facilities in the United Kingdom face a monumental challenge with thousands of facilities collecting billions of litres of water every day. Ultrasonic algae control presents a game-changing solution.

Ultrasound Offers an Effective Solution for Wastewater Treatment

Ultrasonic technology provides an efficient solution for algae control that requires minimal manual intervention, ensuring safety and proven effectiveness in algae treatment, including blue-green algae treatment.
The Power of Ultrasonic Algae Control
Ultrasound technology is a reliable solution to algae control that is extremely safe to use, and is proven to be effective in killing algae. The system produces ultrasonic sound waves that effectively damage green and blue-green algae, resulting in them sinking to the bottom and no longer causing issues.
Simplified Implementation and Performance
Arc Integrated Systems, utilising WaterIQ technology, offers swift and straightforward installation, reducing downtime. With our cloud-based solution, data sharing and interpretation become effortless, allowing you and your team to concentrate on other areas with peace of mind.
Automation and Reliability
Our ultrasonic algae control systems are not only reliable but also perform effectively with little intervention. They come equipped with robust onboard water testing and reporting capabilities, allowing real-time monitoring of both the system and water sensor readings. This level of automation ensures effective algae prevention and biofilm control.
Expert Support
Arc Integrated Systems can accurately assess your water to determine the suitability of ultrasonic algae control for your specific conditions. Our team is on hand to provide support and expert guidance, ensuring your business can benefit from a system that meets its requirements perfectly.

Professional Algae Control and Prevention Solutions

At Arc Integrated Systems we understand the critical importance of preserving the environment and efficiently managing wastewater treatment facilities. From lake and reservoir algae control to blue-green algae treatment and biofilm prevention, our team of professionals can deliver the perfect solution for your water treatment plant in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire or anywhere else within the UK, ensuring effective results on a consistent basis. Get in touch for more information.

Explore our Professional Solutions for Algae Treatment and Biofilm Prevention

From lake algae control and irrigation pond algae control to biofilm prevention, our ultrasonic solutions offer versatility for various applications, ensuring comprehensive algae prevention and control. Arc Integrated Systems has a range of products available and we will work closely with you to deliver the right system for your needs.
Sentinel AIQ™
Defending large bodies of water, such as lakes and reservoirs, with solar-powered systems, Sentinel AIQ™ products offer reliable and continuous protection.
Lake algae control Hertfordshire, Essex & UK
Pulsar™ Family
The Pulsar™ range features targeted ultrasound algae remediation appliances suitable for small lakes, golf courses, drinking water treatment reservoirs, and wastewater treatment lagoons.
Reservoir algae control Hertfordshire & UK
BioPulse 1000™
By preventing surface biofilm formation, the BioPulse 1000™ protects against invasive species like zebra mussels, which can disrupt water treatment facilities by blocking pipes and valves, by depriving them of a food source.
Biofilm prevention Buckinghamshire, Herts & UK

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